Sunday, January 29, 2012

Another interesting theory on how sherlock faked his death

I think the point is that Holmes has defeated Moriarty completely because he solved the final problem. He worked out Moriarty had to complete Holmes' disgrace by forcing him to commit suicide thereby giving him time to plan.

I can't make my mind up if Moriarty's suicide is an unexpected event or a fake, but Moriarty doesn't come back in the books, so maybe he has gone. In werd arch-criminal logic, the fact that he is obviously obsessed with Holmes (grafitti on crown jewels case) means if he thought Holmes could make him stop the snipers, and consequently Holmes' suicide, he may commit suicide himself to "complete the story".

Although you see Holmes falling and clearly alive, there is a cut to a body hitting the ground. The clever camera angles means you don't notice there is a low single storied building between Watson and the point iof impact - hence Holmes insisting he stays where he is. He tells him to "keep his eyes on me" so he doesn't notice the rubbish truck preparations happening below. Holmes either lands in the truck or the truck operators deploy a mat. Either way they deposit a second body onto the pavement to make the impact sound real and timely.

The cyclist is a member of the homeless network and just gives time to rearrange the impact scene before the lorry leaves immediately. This means the body finally seen by Watson on the pavement must be Holmes otherwise they wouldn't have needed the delay.

Molly provides a death certificate, blood and a way of stopping his heart (although I love the ball under the armpit theory - that is superbly Holmesian). The stretcher arrives incredibly quickly so she arranged that too.

Mycroft is not involved in the hoax and is wracked with guilt and gives Sherlock massive leverage in the future for favours from HM Government.