Sunday, January 29, 2012

sherlock season 2 ending

I'm not sure how they made the body look like Sherlock, but the crucial fact is that we never actually saw him hit the pavement. And due to the cyclist, neither did John. Sherlock was very careful to position John specifically when they were on the phone, as if trying to obscure his view of something. And obviously Molly had some hand in the fake body and/or the paramedics who took it away. But everyone has probably covered this already in other comments. Personally I think Mycroft was in on it. I can't believe that he would "accidentally" leak his brother's life story to Moriarty. He and Sherlock planned it- they let Moriarty orchestrate Sherlock's downfall and apparent suicide. Sherlock was getting too famous and now that everyone thinks he's a dead fraud, he can go undercover and take down the rest of Moriarty's gang.