Sunday, January 29, 2012

How was sherlock able to fake his own death ?

In fact it`s really easy explanation =) Night before, he went to Molly and told her that he needs her help. That`s the crucial fact - she helped him to find dead body in hospital (in which she worked), and they made the body look like sherlock. The day after, when Sherlock jumped from the roof, there was a garbage truck on the street in which sherlock jumped from the building. Sherlock told John to watch him while he was on the roof from the particular angle so he can`t see clear where sherlock would jump. After sherlock jumped, the cyclist was there to distract john until garbage truck left. You can see that the fake body of "Sherlock" was long time dead from the color of his hand which John grabbed (blue - long time dead)... If the series continue, they can even manage to bypass moriartys death, by saying that this was not him who died on the roof, but one of his assistant, which identity was really in fact Richard Brook.. Hope they`ll continue this show, it has great potential to become one of the best sherlock holmes interpretations, or it already is!