Sunday, January 29, 2012

Theories on sherlock season two ending from all over the web

Theory 1

Great cliff hanger! My guess used his Mrs in the hospital to provide another body which he threw off. He was careful to stop Watson moving so angles may be important. He then used the cyclist to spray John W with the gas from the Baskerville episode (which makes you see your worst fear). Therefore he would see the body fall, and his worst fear is that It’s really Sherlock – which it would appear to be. Either way, the TV show is superb and far outclasses the current movie franchise.

Argument 1

I don’t think they’d use the Baskerville gas.. It seems unlikely they’d bring back something that so specifically belongs in a different episode. Also, Sherlock is very precise, even though he takes risks, and there would be no guarantee that the gas would have the right effect. But mostly, the gas wasn’t part of a story arch, it was just a plotline for that one episode, it wouldn’t make sense to bring it back.

Theory 2

I reckon all of the bystanders hanging around were probably part of Sherlock’s ‘homeless network’ with instructions to keep Watson away from the body. We don’t know how much time elapsed between Moriarty shooting himself and Sherlock jumping, but even allowing for that, he could have organised the whole thing earlier…

Theory 3

Elena Kohanoff Sir Arthur Conan Doyle himself, transfered details between episodes in the book so I would not be surprised to find out about the baskerville gas being involved here — it would match the ideas of the author. Though, the Baskerville gas would be too easy explanation in my opinion — it lived within one episode pretty fine due to the environment of it but using it in this particular scene would be too much I think.

Theory 4

As other people have said, Sherlock most probably landed in the truck, and then Molly could of gotten the blood etc all done as John was knocked over and disorientated. Other people have put forward theories of John then being drugged by the Baskerville drug, and also the fact that Sherlock’s homeless network probably helped in pulling John away from the body and such.

After all of that, it was easy enough for Molly to find another cadaver to be buried (perhaps Moriarty) and looked at and all that, and then Sherlock goes into hiding, maybe with or near Molly, since she’s the only person who knows that he’s alive (with perhaps the exception of Mycroft, I don’t know if Sherlock would tell him or he’d know).

Theory 5

I’m still worried about moriarty… if he really had pulled a trigger in a gun that had a real bullet and not a blank, there’d have been a reet old mess on the floor, not just blood. and wasn’t it odd the way his speech pattern changed as he was talking to sherlock towards the end of his life? and who gave the signal to the assassins to back off if moriarty was actually dead? anyhoo, we’ve got a lot to look forward to in december, both benedict and martin in the hobbit and maybe maybe maybe first ep of series 3 as the christmas special????!?!?!?!?

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