Sunday, January 29, 2012

Discussion on sherlock (Tv) faking of his own death

Well, it could be all of the above really. But it does give them a bit of leeway to bring him back. Cos normally jumping off a building is pretty... well, final. But they sort of have a loophole now. He could have landed on the back of a truck or something, idk. Maybe the bystanders on the pavement were actors hired by Mycroft, and similar crazy theories. Whatever happens, we did see his face when he was on the ground, so I think when they explain this next season we're all going to have to suspend our disbelief a bit. Regarding the BBFC rating issue, even though we didn't see him hit the pavement the shot of his body when they turned him over was pretty fecking gruesome. That whole scene was very disturbing. Martin Freeman's acting when he was looking at the body and taking the pulse absolutely floored me.

The readers are requested to write there own theories in comments section....