Sunday, January 29, 2012

How did Sherlock pulled off the magic trick

When he asked Molly for help, I think he asked for some sort of strong sedative that would have appeared to stopped his heart. Then before Watson arrived and Sherlock jumped off the roof he threw Moriarty's body into the open-topped rubbish van, then when he jumped, he landed in the van next to Moriarty's corpse, smearing his blood over his head, and taking the sedative, then jumping out in the time it took for Watson to get up from the floor and run over to Sherlock's body. I also think that the people around Sherlock's corpse we're dolled up members of Sherlock's homless network. As a final touch, when his body was wheeled in to the morgue Molly finalised the autopsy. What I want to know is in series three, who's going to hire him, now his reputation has been destroyed?