Sunday, January 29, 2012

Intriguing facts about Sherlock season 2 ending

Some really interesting theories, but I think some people might have become influenced by what they saw in the comments. Firstly, it was very clear that it was Sherlock (ok, maybe a latex mask). Second, if Sherlock fell into the dumpster truck, why swap bodies? The truck could have a mat in there, which stunt actors use and an escape hatch at the side. From there on, I'm inclined to believe the ball under the armpit theory and a blood packet. In the books, Sherlock found a ledge in the cliff, as he was shot at. He successfully waited until everyone was gone to climb out. I'm also pretty sure we don't see a lot of what goes on between him and Molly. We are clearly viewing him from the point of view of observers, so we are likely not to know a lot about their relationship. In the book, Sherlock had to die, because the whole network of criminals was after him, so possibly the same here. Notice how in the film Sherlock makes an analogy of Moriarti being a spider (something which should be familiar to the readers). As for other possibilities, a rope could have been used with a device which would slow him down before he hit the ground and then the blood packet etc. The ropes created nowadays can be extremely strong and thin and it could have been disconnected by an accomplice. I believe the fuss with the gas would have been unnecessary and possibly a bit too obvoius, as it would have to be sprayed under pressure, which makes a hissing noise. However, I am still open to any criticisms and suggestions.

I'd take a guess that Sherlock fell from the building into the bin truck that was directly below him. As John was knocked over by the bike, Sherlock got out of the bin truck, smothered himself in fake blood and lay on the floor. As John ran towards him, part of Sherlock's homeless friends ran over to him (they played the part of the public), put him on the stretcher and got him out of sight.