Sunday, January 29, 2012

More theories from our fans

  1. From that hight Sherlock would have been travelling at no more than 30 miles per hour which gives him an 80% chance he will live, the blood could have come from a blood bag and molly doing the autopsy would declare him dead. However, 80% isn't good enough for Sherlock and how does his pulse vanish? a drug similar to digitalis perhaps? That was my theory before reading this I now think that the garbage truck theory holds more water I had suspected a body swap but couldn't see where it would come is also probable that it was orchestrated by Sherlock and or Microft because otherwise why was Moriarty released?

  2. Sherlock jumped into the conveniently placed truck. Molly threw Moriarty from the building when Watson gets knocked over. Maybe the cyclist delivered some of the Baskerville hallucinogenic gas, making Watson see what he expected to? Either that, or some kind of latex Sherlock mask, which would explain the child screaming in the police station. Molly falsified autopsy, with the help of Mycroft. Although, Moffatt probably has something up his sleeve which is blindingly obvious once we know what it is.

  3. In the original Sherlock Holmes it was never really properly made clear just how Holmes faked his own death. Conan Doyle was under pressure to bring him back and that's all the readers cared about. Perhaps we will never know in this version abd everyone will have a theory, just like the original we'll be arguing about it for many years to come. That is the beauty of Sherlock Holmes and why the stories and characters are so enduring.

  4. Did anybody else noticed the blatant clue of the rubber ball he was bouncing around in the labs? Under the armpit can cause a pulse to temporarily stop, no need for dead arms or anything. The rubbish truck and cyclist probably played a big part, with a little help from some hospital blood bags and Molly on hand to pronounce him dead. But there's been some mad theories for something that is actually quite simple to explain, like a 'magic trick' really.