Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sherlock season two Trivia

I can see moriarty surviving as well, he's much to good to kill off this early, I'm tinking exploding blood pack strapped to the back of his head or that he was only a mouth peice for the real moriarty, as for sherlock its obviously all to do with molly and he chose the location in which to jump from, the face that john never saw him hit the pavement is key I'm thinking that a harness was used or a cadaver hit the floor instead, the next series will startbased on A.C.Doyle "the empty house" in which sherlock reveals himself alive.

Or maybe he's probably dead. If they're following the books at all, then that's the end of him. Also, it was such a brilliant death scene, I think it would sort of cheapen it for me if it had been faked. They might introduce Sebastian Moran next season though? He played an important role in the Empty House, even if he didn't actually appear much. I was actually wondering if that was meant to be him aiming the gun at John when Sherlock jumped.